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What We Do We have been providing exceptional, innovative products and services to both the Military and Commercial markets for the past 40 years

  • Sonic Concentration Monitors

    Our Nusonic Model 86 SCM determines liquid concentration by measuring sound velocity. The sound velocity of any liquid is unique! The relationship between sound velocity, liquid concentration and temperature are different for every liquid.

  • Pipeline Interface Detection

    The exceptional resolution of the M86 PID provides reliable pipeline interface detection for all refined hydrocarbons. Advanced pressure compensation minimizes false alarms. All this with no scheduled maintenance requirements.

  • Flow Meters

    Ultrasonic Flow Meter Measure flow rates with the extremely accurate Nusonics Model CM-800 employing transit time technology. Wetted sensor flow meters provide long-term reliability and accuracy. Call for a quote.

  • Sonic Concentration Analyzers

    Our high-quality concentration analyzers couple ease of performance, precision and accuracy with outstanding calibration stability to minimize your cost of ownership even in the harshest environments.



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Our Divisions

  • Flat Screen Technologies, Inc.

    Leading team of highly certified technicians specializing in flat panel repairs, combining extensive knowledge and custom-designed equipment required to service all flat panel displays.

  • Fatigue Dynamics Inc

    We are the leading provider of material fatigue tests and equipment for tensile test, sheet bending and more. Material Fatigue Testing IS IMPORTANT!
    Fatigue Dynamics Inc

  • CGS Technologies Inc.

    Premiere solution provider for applications dealing with sealing liquids, gasses, shock, and vibration. Custom designed gaskets outgassing, laser & die cutting.

    CGS Technologies Inc.

  • System Integrators LLC

    State of art machine shop utilizing manual, conventional & CNC technologies providing a seamless transition engineering to CAD design.

    Full Machining & Grinding Services.

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