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Sonic Concentration Analyzers Model 87

  • Sonic Concentration Analyzer Model 87 Lab Analyzer

    Sonic-Concentration-analyzersThe Model 87 is a lab adaptation of the Nusonics’ line of Sonic Concentration Monitors (SCM), used in both industry and research for over twenty years. Employing acoustic technology, the Model 87 continuously samples the sound velocity and temperature of a liquid and produces a concentration output based on those measurements.
    Features of the Model 87:
    Displays concentration in a variety of units
    Instantaneous Measurement- Faster, easier, and more repeatable than titration
    Up to 0.02% by Weight Accuracy
    No moving parts and virtually no maintenance
    Measure acids, bases, organics, polymers and many others
    See the Model 86 for additional information on Sonic Concentration Monitors

    Technical Specifications



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