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CM-800 HVAC / Municipal / Industrial Flow Meter

  • CM-800 Flow Meters Overview

    The Nusonics Model CM-800 Transit-time Ultrasonic Flow Meter can measure highly accurate flow rates in a wide Flow-Metersrange of fluids. Since the CM-800 utilizes transit time technology, it does not depend on the presence of particles to make an accurate measurement, like a Doppler flow meter. It will operate with high accuracy in a wide range of clean liquids. The flow meter can tolerate up to 2% by volume of particle or bubbles in the process stream without affecting the performance. Primary applications are in HVAC control systems, municipal water systems, oil/fuel oil and clear chemical streams. The CM-800 has a number of advanced features, including:

    • Accurate measurement of flow +/- 1/2%-1% of reading
    • No pressure drop, no moving parts
    • Line sizes from 2″-200″
    • Bi-directional flow measurement
    • 4-20 mA and RS-232 outputs
    • Optional on-board flow and total LCD Display
    • Easy setup via hand-held configurator or PC
    Flow Meter Components
    Hand-Held CM-800 Configurator
    CM-800 Output Display
    Technical Specifications


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